Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Over For Now :D

Woohooo!! Its finally over!! Exam is not what i expect it would be as there was no tips and i got to play russian roulette for those 13 chapters. Lecturers are kinda "good" making us to study so much and wants us to get nose bleed.. Haha.. and thesis presentation was all smooth just a small minor glitch which i did not expect would be shoot down. Thankfully is all behind me now... :) Time to focus what i wanna do.. My mind is FFF ( Fresh, Free, and Flying) Hehe!

And now i am rotting at here, when friends are either working till late, some exam, some even missing in action. Sad i need to do alot of things with them. The timing to be back here is a little off.
But i shall make my best of it while i m here..

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