Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Over For Now :D

Woohooo!! Its finally over!! Exam is not what i expect it would be as there was no tips and i got to play russian roulette for those 13 chapters. Lecturers are kinda "good" making us to study so much and wants us to get nose bleed.. Haha.. and thesis presentation was all smooth just a small minor glitch which i did not expect would be shoot down. Thankfully is all behind me now... :) Time to focus what i wanna do.. My mind is FFF ( Fresh, Free, and Flying) Hehe!

And now i am rotting at here, when friends are either working till late, some exam, some even missing in action. Sad i need to do alot of things with them. The timing to be back here is a little off.
But i shall make my best of it while i m here..

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Its a game

A trick to learn is always a way to improve ourselves. :)
A badminton match that I love watching over and over.
The song that played inside really match the game

From Agnes - Release Me

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

During CNY Celebration

It was CNY celebration happening around. Everyone was busy packing and rushing back hometown. Indeed, on the very day it was a hectic day. Day fill with laughter meeting with my secondary school friends. Time was short as I have very little days to enjoy. Sadly I din manage to meet up with my college mates who i promised to meet all of them on CNY. 

A lesson to learn everyone when playing cards.
When you feel lucky and gain a lot that's the time you must not be greedy. Haha..

Here is a place call Little Cottage. It was the third time i came here and my friends first time for our CNY Gathering. Romantic and nice environment

                Delicious mushroom soup

                 It was suppose to be no one standing there well I cant stop the traffic. :)
                                           Too many guys, I dont know why. Haha.
If you ask me whats the food name, i forgot as the name are too awesome to remember. LOL But the food is good indeed. Be prepare to bring extra money if you wanna enjoy these high class food. :D

Saturday, February 12, 2011


Hey everyone, This is my first very post to welcome everyone to read all about my post that i gonna post in the future. I have long thinking of creating a blog since months ago which I lack ideas and time to think of. Now my blog have been created and hope to share my views on things around me.
Do comments on photos i am about to post in the futures. :)

Look forward from me.
See yah

Edwin~~~ Wee.. :D